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Engine Performance Chip Reveiw is your source for information on performance chips, performance products, and companies that sell these products.  We have searched and tested products from different manufactuers on different vehicles to provide you with the most infromative website on performance chips today.  Due to the flood of new companies and products, Performance Chip Review decided to launch a website to provide information to those who are looking to buy a peformance chip.  It is a very different decision to choose a the right performance chip from the right company. That is why we have tested performance chips from the very expensive to the least expensive.  What we have found will make any perspective buyer of such products more informed.

Find product reviews on the ever so popular X2 perfomrance chip and other products from the most popular companies.  It doesn't matter whether you are looking at EPC, Performance Chip Tuning, or even performance chips direct - we have the information you need to make informed decisions on one of the best modifications you can do your vehicle.  Our trained technical team has done a variety of tests on all different kinds of models to bring you the most updated and relevant information pertaining to this segment of products.  As a smart consumer, you understand that it is important to read as much information as possible about the products you would like to purchase.


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